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Step 1. Your details and terms and conditions:

step 2. Choose all the services you need:

The name of the person who files this registration form. You must be a Director or a Shareholder.
Your company email that will be used for weekly/monthly statement.
If you have overseas suppliers or contractors to pay (in Euro, Dollar, or CNY), we can open a HUBFX Bank Account for you. Once you are approved by Compliance, you get a GBP Bank Account (safeguarded by Barclays) automatically by onboarding. All your Alipay WeChatPay Alipay Plus Settlement will go to your HUBFX Bank Account by default. You may change it to your own UK Bank Account with email notice. YUAN/HUBFX Terms apply.

step 3. uPLOAD YOUR ID:

For Compliance Pre-approved Account:

Enter your “First Name” in “Given Name”, “Last Name” in “Last Name”, please be sure to fill in the name that is consistent with the ID information.

Click the “Start Verification” button below:

step 1. Upload your ID*

step 2. Biometric Verification – Photo

step 3. Biometric Verification – Audio and Video

Step 4. Confirm

3. 已经完成注册表了?

输入您的 “名” 在 “Given Name”,“姓”在 “Last Name“ , 请务必填写与证件信息一致的姓名。

单击下面的 “Start Verification” 按钮:

第1步。 上传您的身份证件*

第2步。 生物识别验证 – 照片

第3步。 生物识别验证 – 录音和录像

第4步。 确认


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