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HubpyClient Register

The name of the person who files this registration form. You must be a Director or a Shareholder.
Your company email that will be used for weekly/monthly statement.
For us to settlement your payments to you.
If you have overseas suppliers or contractors to pay (in Euro, Dollar, or CNY), we can open a HUBFX Bank Account for you. Once you are approved by Compliance, you get a GBP Bank Account (safeguarded by Barclays) automatically by onboarding. All your Alipay WeChatPay Alipay Plus Settlement will go to your HUBFX Bank Account by default. You may change it to your own UK Bank Account with email notice. YUAN/HUBFX Terms apply.
Once our application team has approved above information we will help you with document verification links for uploading your KYC information securely.

Please note that this is the standard information we require. Further information may be required once we have reviewed the application.